Illinois law requires all landline, cellular phone companies, and most Cable and VoIP phone companies to provide telephone access for people who are Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened, Deaf, Deaf-Blind or Speech Disabled. ITAC is the not-for-profit corporation established to provide a Free Equipment Program and Illinois Relay on behalf of these phone companies.


  • Resident of Illinois
  • Proof of Landline AND/OR Cellular Phone Service (Pre-paid cell phones ARE eligible)
  • Application signed by medical professional that applicant is unable to use a standard phone.
  • You can qualify for both types of equipment.


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ITAC offices are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC due to the Covid-19 virus. 

Call us at 1-800-841-6167, leave a message and your phone number and we will call you back as we are working limited hours.

If you are having trouble with an existing phone, call Teltex at 1-888-515-8120 for help.

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