SoniVox Plus™ Speech Amplifier

Photo of SoniVox Plus Speech Amplifier

The SoniVox Plus™personal amplifier is the perfect way to boost your voice.

• Output over 125 dBC SPL possible--we pegged our dB meter, with No Feedback!
• Crystal Clear Amplification outclasses the competition
• For use with a headset microphone (included)
• Includes a convenient carrying case which can be around your waist
• Great for personal conversations or small groups
• Built-in battery for added convenience
• Integrated Micro USB charging technology, just like your cell phone!
• AUX input means you can play music through your SoniVox Plus™
• 5.25" tall by 3.5” wide and 1.5" deep, and weighs 8oz

The SoniVox Plus™personal amplifier includes everything you need:

• SoniVox Plus Voice Amplifier
• Built-in rechargeable battery
• Micro USB Charger
• ClearVoice Quality Headset Microphone
• Heavy-Duty Carrying Case (with belt loops)
• Deluxe Neckstrap Lanyard